Falun Gong Woman Murdered in Police Car Within One Hour of Arrest

Hundreds from Her Village Appeal for Justice

NEW YORK, November 27, 2001 (Falun Dafa Information Center) — Ms. Liao Qinying, a woman who worked as a farmer in her village in the city of Wujin in Jiangsu Province, died under mysterious circumstances in a police car within an hour after being taken from her home against her will. She was 33 years old.

Ms. Liao was husking rice at home when four men broke into her house on the morning of November 8, 2001 at about 8:30AM. They were local official Zhang Liang, Wang Huaxing of the county police station, and two unidentified security officers. They ordered her to go to the local government, and because she was unwilling to be taken away, the men grabbed her and forced her into the police car.

At 4PM, Ms. Liao’s husband, Mr. Zhang Heliang, was notified to attend a meeting that was attended by city Public Security officials where he was told that his wife had died that morning. Wang Huaxing and the others who had arrested her said that Ms. Liao had died in the car at 9:35AM and that her body had been sent to the Changzhou Gaoshi funeral home.

As Ms. Liao’s family grieved, the local villagers and residents were also deeply saddened by the news of Ms. Liao’s death. Reports say that on November 10th, more than 500 people from her village and from neighboring villages went to the local township to appeal for justice. The Wujin Public Security Bureau brought in several truckloads of police to hold back the crowd, some brandishing semi-automatic weapons to intimidate the villagers. The township also gave orders to quickly have her body cremated.

Falun Dafa Information Center spokesperson, Mr. Adam Montanaro, noted that the appeal carried out by Ms. Liao’s village is no surprise: “Falun Gong is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture and really exhibits the best of China’s ancient and rich history. So, President Jiang’s persecution campaign against Falun Gong is really an act of waging war on the people and culture of China, and those who can see through the PRC’s propaganda know this. I think that is why the people from Ms. Liao’s village won’t look the other way when a Falun Gong practitioner is murdered by the police.”

Zhang’s sister was able to take a final look at Ms. Liao’s body during the autopsy and saw that there was a hole in the back of Ms. Liao’s head. She also said that a clump of Ms. Liao’s hair had been pulled out and that the skin on the front of her head had been broken and scraped. The funeral home confirmed to a reporter that they did indeed handle and cremate Liao Qinying’s body.