Common Transformation Tactics


  1. Isolation: Isolate them and lock them up, either alone or with criminals.
  2. Humiliation: Strip them of clothes and personal dignity–drill into their mind that they are criminals who have committed a terrible crime; people with dangerous mental problems.
  3. Sleep deprivation: Deprive them of sleep for days on end; if they fall asleep wake them up immediately with a blow or loud sound. Keep doing this until they can no longer keep track of time or remember basic details about their life.
  4. Inundation with anti-Falun Gong propaganda: Force them to watch ten hours a day of video vilifying Falun Gong and, especially, its founder Li Hongzhi. Play the tapes at full volume and do not allow them to look away.
  5. Threats of indefinite incarceration: Convince them that the only way they will ever be able to leave again is if they sign the three-fold statement of guarantee and that everything will be over once they do.
  6. Emotional manipulation: Bring in their parents, children, and siblings intervention-style to cry and even kneel in front of them, begging them to come home. Bring in their spouses to threaten with divorce.
  7. Economic punishment: Threaten, and if necessarily, take away their jobs, pensions, or enrollment in university. Threaten that their family members will also lose their salaries and education opportunities.
  8. Use of former practitioners: Bring in transformed former-Falun Gong practitioners (ideally someone the person was previously very close to) to help them “see the light.” Alternate one-on-one sessions with ones in which many people talk at the same time.
  9. Ideological indoctrination: Replace Falun Gong by instilling in their minds a different ideology, ideally Marxism (make them read The Story of Lei Feng, Mao Zedong’s Selected Works, etc.)
  10. Physical and psychological abuse: Employ the above tactics in conjunction with long hours of forced labor, extreme violence, sexual assault, and injection of psychotropic drugs, particularly for practitioners who display a commitment to their faith or attempt to practice Falun Gong exercises in custody.